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Plywood, Sheet Goods & Siding

All of our plywood has exterior glue and can be used outside. CDX is standard plywood for roofing and sheathing. AC is nice looking sanded plywood. OSB (Oriented Strand Board) is an engineered sheathing product that many people refer to as wafer board, and can be used in place of plywood in many situations. T-111 is plywood with a rough sawn face used for siding. Particle board, peg board and masonite are for inside use only. All sheets are 4ft x 8ft unless otherwise stated. 

3/8 CDX 3/8 AC  1/4 Birch
1/2 CDX 1/2 AC  3/4 Birch
5/8 CDX 5/8 AC 1/8 Masonite/ Inside use only
3/4 CDX  3/4 AC   1/4 Masonite/ Inside only
3/4 Tongue & Groove 1/8 Mahogany 1/4 Peg Board/ Inside only
1-1/8 T&G Full Face 1/4 Mahogany 3/8 Particle Board/ Inside only
7/16 OSB 1/4 Oak 1/2 Particle Board/ Inside Only
3/4 T&G OSB 3/4 Oak 5/8 Particle Board/ Inside Only
    3/4 Particle Board/ Inside Only
1/2 Pressure Treated Plywood  
3/4 Pressure Treated Plywood 7/16 LP Smart Panel 8" OC Groove
5/8 Shop Grade T-111 8" OC Groove 7/16 LP Smart Soffit Panel
5/8 4X9 Shop Grade T-111 8" OC Groove  
5/8 Shop Grade T-111 12" OC Groove  
5/8 Shop Grade T-111 4" OC Groove  
3/8 Plain Face T-111 No Groove  
We also carry and can order a wide variety of James Hardie Brand fiber-cement siding products as well as beveled and shake cedar siding
8 1/4 inch x 12 ft Hardie Plank
Hardie Shakes
Hardie Soffit Panel
4x8 Hardie Panel in Cedarmill and 8" OC Groove
Primed, grooved cedar shakes in 100 sq ft and 50 sq ft boxes
A limited supply of beveled clear and tight knot cedar siding