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Drywall & Insulation

We handle drywall and insulation along with related products.
Drywall/Sheetrock                                                               Insulation
1/2 Drywall 4x8    R-11 23 inch
5/8 Drywall 4x8 R-13 15 inch
1/2 Moisture Resistant Drywall 4x8  R-19 15 and 23 inch
Lightweight and regular Drywall joint compound R-21 15 and 23 inch
Drywall Corners square and bull nose R-38 16 and 24 inch
Tape and taping knives 1 inch 4x8 styrofoam
Spackling compound 2 inch 4x8 styrofoam
Spray-on texture Cardboard baffles
Fast drying "Hot mud" joint compound  Spray foam insulation